Our Responsibilities

Our Responsibilities

Environmental, Social and Governance

Here at CWF we’re committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and are working towards making positive changes to help our planet.

  • Aim to use UK based suppliers for raw materials to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • We operate a low-energy site, our plant and offices use energy efficient LED lighting
  • Dedicated bag in box production line allows for product to be produced in a sustainable format – carbon footprint reduced 7.5 times less than lightweight glass bottles.
  • We use lightweight, UK produced glass bottles for the majority of our products.
  • Produce fully recyclable PET wine formats made from recyclable plastic.
  • Our green glass is made from 74% recycled material.
  • Our cardboard and corrugated is sourced from FSC accredited suppliers.
  • Our state of the art compactor has removed the need for 20 vehicles to just 1 per month, reducing emissions into the atmosphere and minimising traffic on the roads.
Responsible Drinking

Responsible Drinking

CWF are official funders to the Drinkaware trust and are dedicated to encouraging responsible drinking and understanding the facts about alcohol.